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My Story

I'm Jason, and I started Leaning 7 Farms out of a desire to produce high-quality food raised naturally and in harmony with the land.  
I grew up around farming, spending most of my childhood working on my grandaddy's beef cattle farm.  If I'd had a crystal ball back then to tell me how much I'd miss working the land and caring for animals I probably would have never left home.  Of course I didn't have a crystal ball, so I left home and went to college and eventually graduate school to study biology.

Back to Farming

It didn't take me very long to start missing the farm, but it did take me a while to figure out how to get back to it.  Luckily, a couple of years ago my beautiful wife, Emma and I found a place with a few acres between Apex and Pittsboro and she turned me loose! 

The Family

I'm blessed to have a wonderful family that supports (or at least tolerates) my ambition to build a farm and provide nutrient-dense eggs, meats, and vegetables to the community.  My wife, Emma, is the North Carolina native, having grown up in Wilson, NC.  She is a talented quilter and we have plans to incorporate some of her quilting skills into our product offerings.  I have 2 daughters, Addie and Sydney.  Sydney is the oldest and currently attends high school in Pittsboro.  She's the musician of the family.  Addie is my farm helper.  Somehow she inherited her dad's desire to farm, though I think a lot of it comes from her love of animals.  And finally, the newest addition to our family, Jeffrey.  Jeffrey was born in January and isn't quite able to sit up on his own yet, but I'm sure it won't be long before he's running the show.

Why "Leaning 7 Farms"

So, I'm sure you're wondering why its called Leaning 7 Farms.  Well, as I mentioned, I grew up helping my grandaddy on his beef farm in Texas.  The farm has been in the family for generations, dating back to the days when Texas was an independent country.  The Leaning 7 was the family's cattle brand.  My grandaddy's been gone for a good number of years, but he was such a big influence on my life.  Naming the farm Leaning 7 is a way to honor one of my heroes.

The Plan

Currently, we're in a building phase.  Our property wasn't set up for a farm when we got here so there's lots to do (building fences, putting in the garden, animal shelters, etc.).  For now, I still have a full time job as a consultant helping companies to navigate the drug development process with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Some day, I'll make my dream of transitioning to full-time farming a reality.  Until then, the progress will come in fits and starts as life allows.

What the Farm Produces Now

GMO-free, pasture-raised eggs

Pasture-raised eggs

Right now, we have a flock of laying hens producing from 15-20 dozen GMO-free, pasture-raised eggs each week.  We will continue to add hens to our flock to meet the local demand. We hope to at least double our egg production by spring 2021. 

GMO-free, pasture-raised chicken 

Pasture-raised chicken
We've also set up to produce some of the best pasture-based broiler chickens that you've ever tasted.  Right now, the production schedule has us processing the pasture-raised chickens about once a month until the grass goes dormant in late fall/early winter.  Then we'll take a break until the forage greens back up in the spring. 

What's Next

We've recently started building out our perimeter fences.  With the arrival of cooler weather this fall, I expect this project will see a lot of progress.  I'm super-excited about the fence, because it will allow us to start raising pasture and woodlot-based pork.  You won't believe how much better the meat is compared to the factory-farmed alternative you'll find in the grocery store.  Look for updates this spring.

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